9302 N Meridian St. Suite 350

Indianapolis, IN 46260

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Phone : 317.815.5554

Fax: 317.815.5581

Rates and Fees

  Hourly Rate
Family Law Mediation ( Carol, Elodie) $220.00 per hour*
  $220.00 per hour*
Civil Law Mediation ( Carol, Elodie ) $200.00 per hour
Family Law Arbitration ( Carol, Elodie ) $220.00 per hour
Civil and Family Law Mediation (Valerie) $150.00 per hour
Parenting Coordination ( Elodie ) $180.00 per hour
Guardian ad Litem (Elodie) $180.00 per hour
Collaborative Law (Elodie) $220 per hour
In-office printing (except for final agreement) $0.50 per page
Administrative fee (non-refundable) $100.00 per party
Agreement/Document filing (optional) $50.00

* a sliding scale is available for a party earning less than $50,000 annually.

Printed Copies

Other than the mediated agreement, during your mediation session each page we are asked to print, copy or receive as a fax in our office will cost the requesting party $.50 per page. This cost will also be added to the requesting party’s total invoice.

Filing Fee

If you would like us to file your agreement and any related documents for you, we will do so for a fee of $50.00. This fee will be divided equally among the parties and added to each party's invoice.